Biography- Avi Ratnayake Photographer


Born in Sri lanka, Avi Ratnayake emigrated to the UK in 1994. Having studied Fine Art at university in Bristol, he went onto studying Photography at the City of Westminster College in London.

Avi Ratnayake’s ongoing project looks at space between, things that last a short time and a significant length of time. Using analogue cameras to capture landscapes in exposures up to 4 months long, he makes solagraphs that make a record of the larger or more permanent. He uses photographic paper to record these images. However, they cannot be displayed as they start to deteriorate once exposed to light. The image that is slowly made over the months of exposure is prone to the various elements, especially light, so it must be digitised when taken out of the camera.

His latest work also involves cyanotypes and experimenting with lensless photographic chemistry combined with digital photography and digital collages.  

Avi has been practicing as an artist and photographer since 2003 and has had exhibitions in both UK and Ireland. His work has taken him through digital, analogue, and camera-less photography and explores various interfaces. Most of his work looks at the liminal spaces between cultures or any other intersection between disparate bodies, and often finds his subjects in making portraits. He is currently living and working in Galway.



● Surrounded by Sea, April 1st – 3rd 2022, Dublin
● Dear www, 10 Dec 2021 onwards. Ennis, Ireland/PAVED Arts, Canada
● We Only Want the Earth, Online Dec 2021
● Benchmark. The Linenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar, County Mayo. Jan-Feb 2020
● Cuirt Festival: Notes to Self. March 2019 Galway
● Narrating Self, translating the Other. Galway Arts Centre
April 2018
● Cuirt Festival: Fragmented Shore. March 2018 Galway
● Untitled 11 – London – July 2011
● Free Range: Untitled 11,Truman Brewery, London – June
● The Artful Dodger: The Once and Future Britain,
Iniva London – January 2010
● Identicons: Icons & Cultural Identity, LCC November 2009
● The Big Picture, Ireland September 2009
● The Coach House Show, Dublin Castle. Ireland.
August 2009
● The Coach House Show, Dublin Castle, Ireland
September 2007
● SOLD. Centrespace Gallery, Bristol. August 2003
● Freerange: SOLD. Hanbury Gallery, London July 2003

curated by Karen Cowley and Ruth Medjber
curated by Moran Been-Noon
curated by Kate O’Shea and Lisa Crowne