7am in Galway in November is an hour before sunrise. I got to Ozone Cafe in Salthill to meet Franco and Paulo were getting started with their sourdough bread. The ongoing lock-down has forced many such cafes and producers to take their wares online. The Ozone cafe is using a growing network called Neighbourfood, designed to encourage eating and buying locally.

Chef Paulo getting started with the sourdough

It was a pleasure to see the age old alchemy of baking in process. Chef Franco has been professionally working his magic for over twenty years and Chef Paulo, for thirty five years. Franco has a sourdough starter that he has been nurturing for over a year and a half but he reckons where he got it from, the original one is over ten years old.

sourdough starter for the day

I love processes that take time, care and need attention. Hence my love for analogue photography, sadly though because of turn around times I couldn’t quite commit using film for documenting Franco and Paulo’s hard work. I believe that waiting for results in such disciplines is rewarding.

Wholemeal & rye sourdough bread

I learnt a lot from watching Franco and Paulo working so hard. The hard work and patience is sure to be rewarded. It was great to witness the shared work and banter whilst making bread.

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